Cemetery Headstones

Selected CMU Gravestone Scans

The photos below represent 6 of the 29 gravestones scanned by CMU. Click on photos to expand. For CMU’s complete listing from the Ambient Intelligence Lab, CLICK HERE. These listings feature from left to right: CMU Name Designation; Original Stone; Scanned Stone; Actual Words.

Recovering the past – CSI style technology used to recover inscriptions on 200+ year old grave stones.

CMU Team’s scanner unlocks secrets from the past. Read the story in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Old St. Luke’s makes international news, as Carnegie Mellon University applies their new scanning technology to read obliterated grave stones. Read the story on the BBC website.


isabella.original isabella.scan isabella.words






keller.original keller.scan keller.words






keller.sarah.original keller.sarah.scan keller.sarah.words






watson.jean.lea.original watson.jean.lea.scan watson.jean.lea.words






william.n.lea.original william.n.lea.scan william.n.lea.words






samel-lee.original samel-lee.scan samel-lee.words