Book Review

bookRebellion and Revelation

By The Rev. Richard W. Davies

Richard W. Davies’ book is both a story of Historic Old St. Luke’s and a part of the nation’s history that unfolded in a small area of Western Pennsylvania less than ten miles from the City of Pittsburgh. It is the story of pioneers with faith in God and hope for a better future. They planted the seeds of survival in the area. The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 profoundly affected how they perceived the new government and their church.

Many early photographs, wills, and home sites lend a sense of time and place to this easily-read book. Genealogists will appreciate the churchyard plot marking the grave sites of early settlers, including soldiers of the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Decendents of Jane Lea Nixon, the first white child born in the Chartiers Valley, still live in the area. Jane is buried in the churchyard.

Rebellion and Revelation deserves a place amongst books written about Western Pennsylvania and about the first test of the Constitution of the United States of America.

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