1978 Restoration


Bob Gibb, Don Drinkall, Tom Yoder, Charles Yoder (Treasurer), Gus Ferree, E.H. Buck (Past Treasurer), Dick Knause, Jim Knause, Charles Nixon (President). Present but not in photo: Frank Janocha, Bill Ringle, Andy, and son Dave Gavel, Ed Reismeyer

This picture of the work crew was taken during the first major structural work on Old St.Lukes.  Frank Janocha, Vice President of Rust Engineering, Henry Nutbrown of the Pennsylvania Department of Highways, and Charles Nixon (plus others) erected steel scaffolding and tore out all the deteriorated false ceiling installed by Emmanuel and Samuel Nutbrown, Henry’s older deceased brothers.  They ripped out all the lathe and plaster and exposed the stone it is seen today.  It was an unbelievably filthy job; soot and coal dust accumulated since the Church was built.  Mr. E. H. Buck, who was about 90 years of age, was one of the best workers.  Several large coal trucks of debris were removed.  After this was completed the Contractor that was hired by the Reverend Mr. Dale D. Doren removed the no longer effective tie rod installed by the Nutbrowns and straightened the walls.